vanilla sky

Shorts, Romwe. Lace-ups, Vintage.

Pale blue. It's just a timeless color. I really like the soft color palette of this look. Anyway, the scorching heat has been unbearable as of late and the only way I can manage to survive is in my go to shorts and light blouse combo outfit.  You've probably seen these crochet shorts make their way across the world--or at least a variation of them in different sizes, colors, and forms.  I actually think the layers of crochet (or in some cases lace) add a whimsical factor to any outfit.  It's complimentary to most anything you already own in your closet and you can basically tuck any old blouse that needs some sprucing in these things. This look screams simplicity.  Just a couple of silver toned rings and a pair of good lace-ups to tie the whole outfit together. Sometimes less really is more.

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